Carrick desperate for World Cup action

Carrick is keen to feature in Capello’s squad for the World Cup matches against Ukraine and Belarus.

He said: “Playing in the World Cup was always an ambition, same as every kid. My passion when England comes around is as strong as it could be.

“No one wants to play for England more than me and all the lads are the same.

“You’re desperate for the honour of playing for your country at Wembley and in World Cups. It’s something you can’t buy.

“Just because I don’t go around shouting about it and saying this and that doesn’t mean I’m any different. It’s just not in my nature to do that.”

“You’re always waiting for the text to come through and tell you you’re in the squad,” he added.

“You don’t take it as a given. I’d love to play because you want to play all the time.

“It’s up to the manager, but I know that if I get the chance I’ve got to take it.”