Cazorla would have loved to have Liverpool star at Arsenal

Arsenal had a bid for the Uruguayan striker rejected over the summer.

Cazorla is a big admirer of Suarez and believes the striker would have been a good signing for Arsene Wenger’s side.

“Suarez’s incredible. I’d have loved it if he had come; his style would have suited us,” Cazorla told The Guardian. “Arsenal did all they could and he wouldn’t have minded.

“But Liverpool didn’t want to sell, which they’re entirely entitled to do, and he’s playing incredibly again.

“It’s a pity he’s not on our team! [Arsenal] saw some doors shut and, when they saw the chance to get Mesut, it was an opportunity to thump a fist on the desk, to make a statement. He’s a superb signing. He’s brought illusion, optimism and hope.”