Celtic boss Strachan looking forward to AC Milan clash

Strachan said: “I’ve never been to the San Siro before so that will be a fantastic experience for me in itself. When I played for Aberdeen and Manchester United, we used to get some horrible draws in Europe, going to places like Albania, Bulgaria and Poland, so I’m really pleased to be going to Milan. For selfish reasons, I’m also happy to have avoided any of the English clubs. I spent 20-odd years of my career there, so I didn’t want one of them.

“I think we are all excited about the draw. This must be the only time since I stopped playing that I’ve thought to myself ‘I wouldn’t mind playing in this game’. I haven’t missed playing at all, but this is one that makes me wish I could have a new hip.”

Strachan also dismissed that AC Milan are in crisis: “I don’t pay any attention to that, not at all. I’ve not really had a good look at Milan yet and if I had, I wouldn’t be disrespectful enough to say it’s a good time to get them. Milan have done enough in the game that I shouldn’t be making any comments like that. It’s about how they are playing in two months’ time, and hopefully we are going to improve in that period as well.

“I do feel we have a fighting chance of going through, based on the way we play at home. Hopefully we can improve our away form. We’ve got two months to improve and work on that. I would like to have a fully-fit squad by the time it comes around.

“I looked at the odds on winning the tournament this morning and at 100-1, we were going to be underdogs whoever we got in the draw. It doesn’t matter. What we have done is got another big club to come here and play football for the fans to watch. We’ve had Benfica and Manchester United already this season, now it’s AC Milan. They are all fantastic names.

“It will be good for our younger players in terms of their education and hopefully they can all get involved. They have to produce at that level if they want to further their careers. They can’t just say they played well against Dunfermline last week or whatever. If you want to be a top, top player then you have to be recognised in these games.”