Chelsea skipper Terry blasts Barca

Terry said: “Maybe Barcelona feel a little bit threatened by us. They were under pressure from their own fans going into the game after losing at Stamford Bridge two weeks ago.

“They are a great side but we are not too sure why they are so cynical. It is a shame when you see world class players trying to get others booked. They tried all game.

“They were waving cards in the referees’ face and it is disappointing when he falls for it. He gave everything their way, but the lads stuck together right to the end. The result says an awful lot about us. We showed them what we are really like as a team.

“We have played well here in the last couple of years but last night, with the referee against us and everyone against us, we were the better side.

“I thought we deserved the win, but they are a lot more disappointed than us because they are struggling to qualify.

“There were quite a few things off the ball, especially in the first half, and sometimes the referee is going to miss it. That is what his assistants are for but he was not even speaking to them or going over to have a conversation to see if they saw anything.”