Chivu hails team-mates

Chivu told “I think we were very organised. It was always going to be difficult for us playing in a stadium like this with noisy supporters and a pitch that was not in the best condition. But in the end, with a bit of luck, we got the win.

“Olympiacos had a few chances in the first half but in the second half we played very carefully because we knew what we had to do and we got the goal from a counterattack.

“It was crucial for us to win today. Three points from a game like this is fantastic. Now we have six points and we are going to play Olympaicos again but at home, so it was very important that we won here.”

He added: “Lets just say I was pleased with the way the team played today. We want to go far in this competition but we have to take it step by step. At the moment we just need to focus on making it through to the knockout stage and then we can start thinking about the latter stages of the competition.”