City will not punish Bellamy

Bellamy clashed with a fan at the end of Sunday’s derby with Manchester United at Old Trafford and is under investigation byt the Greater Manchester Police and the Football Association.

“Craig had been our talisman on the day and brought us back into the game twice,” he said.

“A goal had just gone in and Craig was going to the fella to say in no uncertain terms to get off the pitch.

“Obviously I can’t quote exactly what he said but it was like ‘Get off the pitch’. We were still in the game and it only takes a second to score a goal.

“My take is that he thought the fella might spit in his face or something.

“He came very close and moved towards him. Craig, with an open hand, just pushed the fella away.”

Bowen added, when asked if the club would take any action against the Welshman: “No. I don’t think there is any need to.”