Dacourt reveals rift with Mourinho

Dacourt is currently on loan at Fulham until the end of the season.

Dacourt said: “When you are 34-years-old and you are just back from a long-term injury (knee ligament damage) it is difficult enough to find a new club, never mind only a week before the end of the window.

“What is more, I was then prepared to fight for my place. I wanted to prove him wrong. So I stayed. It was the most difficult decision of my career.

“I do now bear Mourinho a grudge. That is logical. Everyone at the club had an opportunity, but never me. You cannot answer why that is.

“Roy Hodgson then asked me to come and help his team. I wanted to rediscover the fun I had lost.

“I have always said I would come back to the Premier League. I love England. They have the best football in the world.”