Dawson fit for Aston Villa clash

Dawson sufferend a blow to the head, and does not remember much of the incident.

Dawson told the club’s official website: “I remember little bits. I remember Keano (Robbie Keane) coming over and telling the referee that my eyes were rolling around, I remember being in the changing room and people have told me things I can remember whereas others have told me things I’ve no idea about!

“I’ve had a few head injuries and it’s part and parcel of the game. You have to put your head in where it hurts and I’ll do it again. You can’t go into it thinking it won’t happen – it will happen occasionally when I go up for headers. It’s my job and I’ll do it again.

“We were defending that lead and luckily for me the ball didn’t go into the back of the net. To get knocked out and have them equalise at the same time would have been a sickener!

“Thankfully we’re on an international break, I’ve extra time to recover and I’m confident I’ll be back for the Villa game. I’ve done a bit of light training, jogging and I’ll be able to head the ball again next week.”