Denilson: Arsenal youngsters has helped me

The Brazilian midfielder said: “I was the youngest player at Sao Paulo and there were lots of good players.

“Before I came to Arsenal, I knew that all the best players were in Europe, so I knew I would have lots of competition.

“I thought I would be on the bench for a few seasons, but when I arrived I was told there was another competition [the Carling Cup] that gave opportunities for younger players. Every day I’m working to show my potential.

“It’s not just me and Cesc, but people like Theo, who is just 17 and developing a lot. The team is very young, so the manager has time to develop the players he wants in order to win trophies.”

He added: “In England, football is more demanding, tougher and more tactical. In Brazil it’s different. Brazilian players are always looking to entertain, they want to do things that the coach doesn’t want them to do. If they did them in England, they probably wouldn’t be picked. That’s one of the reasons I like English football.”