Everton boss Moyes: More to come from Fernandes

Moyes said: “We are pleased with Manuel. I have seen some things that look really pleasing but I have also seen some things that I would like to chisel out of him, too.

“He has a lot of ability and a lot of skill but he has got to realise that he is a team player and he has got to get back and help when required. That is something I demand of all the players but he has definitely been a plus since he arrived here.

“Don’t forget, we’ve only had him for just over a month and that has hardly given us much time to work on things with him. I get the feeling, though, that he is really enjoying things and his performances have been good.

“There have been times in the last couple of games when he has shown signs of being a bit tired and that’s why we have had to bring him off but he is an exciting talent and I think he has already made a big contribution. Hopefully he will continue to do so before the end of the season.”