Everton boss rues first-half display

Everton ere three goals down within half-an-hour, but managed to fight back but it was not enough as the game ended in a 3-2 defeat.

“The first half was shocking but we have done a bit better in the second half,” he told Sky Sports after the match.

“I thought we actually started probably the better team, I think near enough the first ball they put in the box they scored from.

“I thought there was a really poor decision that led to the second goal but no excuses, I can’t make excuses like that.

“I can’t (make excuses) for the players, they’ve got to stand up and be counted but I’m the manager and I take responsibility for those players.”

“There was a lot of supporters came here and paid money to see us play,” Moyes added.

“We can’t always guarantee a win but they came to see us play. In the first half we didn’t play.

“They deserved a lot more than what we did, a lot of them probably paid a lot of money to travel here as well and I think we let them down completely in the way we played.”