Everton chairman: There will be money for Moyes to spend

He told everton.com: “Yes there will. I would love Everton to have the money so we could build and improve gradually, so we could break into that top four in a sustainable way. We were so close two years ago.

“That was horrible. Can you imagine that you were just steps away from £20m? That’s what it would have been. One of the downsides of being chairman is that you have to think in terms of money when the ball goes in. It’s just a matter of the job.”

Kenwright added: “We have spent a lot of money and the money that we spent last summer was a big, bold move. We have spent a lot of money and if we had any more, David would get it. The only way of making substantial profits is success in the Champions League.

“What you have got to do is try and get there. The double edged sword is to get a better team. That’s what we are trying to do. When he first sat down with me, the idea was an improvement of two players every season. We have never done less than that.”