Everton keeper reckons Donovan would be a ‘good addition’

Everton have confirmed they are in talks to sign the LA Galaxy star on a short-term loan deal.

“From playing with him in the USA team I know he is a tremendous player,” Howard told the club’s official website. “He’d be a good addition to any team and particularly this team. He is a star, he really is.

“He is a friend, but he is also a top quality player and the more of those we can bring in the better.

“Donovan can bring several strengths to the team. He can play wide right and underneath the strikers, he has got good pace with the ball and he runs and runs all day long!

“He’s got a fantastic touch with both his left and right. He can cross the ball well and shoot the ball well – he has got a bunch of attributes that mean he’ll do well in the Premier League.”