Evra warns Barcelona golden boy

The 28-year-old is convinced he can keep Messi quiet during the final.

Evra insisted: “I’ve played for United for three years and had one bad game, so I was actually happy with the criticism because it made me believe I’m the best left-back in the world.

“When you’ve had one bad performance and people are criticising you, it makes you proud. I said after that ‘OK, we will see’.

“It wasn’t a good day in the final but I just played one bad game, that’s all.

“But after that I think I showed my real form again and you can see that now.

“Every year I think I have improved. I have been honoured to be named in the World’s Best XI twice, the Premier League XI twice — and things like that make you believe. But it’s not easy.

“You can be the best left-back in the world but if you play badly in the final, people will say you’re the worst.

“And of course I am playing against Messi, so it won’t be easy.

“But I won’t prepare any differently against him, because every day in training I am up against people like Rooney, Berbatov, Ronaldo and Tevez, so you know what to do against big players.

“The only thing is, against Messi you can stop him 10 times but if he passes you once and scores, people say ‘Evra played a poor game’.

“I don’t know if he’s better this year but he’s scored more goals and has probably been more important for Barcelona.

“I respect him but must make sure he doesn’t play well again.”