Fergie happy with dealings

French giants Le Havre have claimed that United broke rules to land youngster Paul Pogba.

Fiorentina have made contact with Fifa about United’s signing of Michele Fornasier.

“They are always going to bring Manchester United into it, because we are the biggest club, without any foundation or knowledge on the situation and there has been a lot of jumping on the bandwagon,” Ferguson told Sky Sports News.

“I can assure you that Manchester United have behaved absolutely correctly with all their dealings with young players and their parents,” he continued.

“There has never been a case ever that we pay the parents, it would be crazy to even contemplate that, because it would be the biggest headache you could have.

“This was levelled by a frustrated director at the French club and he is now going to have to retract, we do it impeccably.

“What other clubs do is subject to a lot of controversy, but we are confident of our own club.”