Fergie slams Mourinho-Hackett meeting

Ferguson called the meeting, “absolutely ridiculous”.

The Scot said: “Keith Hackett’s meeting Jose Mourinho. What’s going on in this world? Does he ever meet Arsene Wenger, Rafa Benitez or this old guy here? Is there preference going out to Chelsea just because they’ve had a bad decision against them? It seems absolutely ridiculous that.”

Ferguson also voiced his support for referee Graham Poll, who has been under-fire this week, following the red card he gave John Terry in the match against Tottenham last Sunday.

He said: “The best we’ve got. No doubt about that.

“Yes, he’s got that arrogance about him, and cockiness at times. When players have it, people think it’s good. When referees have it people think he’s a big-headed so-and-so.

“We’ve had terrible decisions from Poll in the past and so have other clubs. In that situation, referees can make mistakes and I would not want to be in his position to make decisions in the start. He gets big games as he’s the best at making the big decisions.

“Who would want to be a referee?”