Fergie slams Scolari comments

Ferguson said: “The comment Scolari made about Carlos hanging about the Portugal games looking for a job was a crazy thing to say.

“I am sure Scolari goes to watch Porto and Benfica at some point. Is he after the guy’s job?

“I had three of my coaches and all my scouts out at games in Europe this week. I am sure they are all still working for me.”

He continued: “Carlos is a fantastic professional and he never spoke to Scolari at all.

“It confuses me that Scolari inferred Carlos spoke to him and marked his card that Ronaldo was all right but we were giving a different story to the press to keep Manchester United’s fans happy.”

He added: “By the time I got back into the dressing room last week, Cristiano had gone to catch a plane. I didn’t know what condition he was in.

“Normally, when you get taken off with a knock like the one he had, you will give the boy a scan the following day to see if there is a problem. There was a bit of swelling but there was no way we could assess it.

“What we said was it would be up to the Portugal medical staff to do that. It was an important qualifying game for them and if Cristiano was fit, we were happy for him to play.”