Fergie wants Arsenal to beat Liverpool and Chelsea

The Red Devils boss would be delighted to see the Gunners do his Manchester United side a favour in the title race.

Ferguson said: “What we want now is for Arsenal to beat Liverpool and Chelsea. They’ve just won at Chelsea, but they still have to play them at home and they’ve got two games to play against Liverpool.

“Our defeats at Arsenal and Liverpool were disappointing, but we’ve got the away games against our rivals out of the way and I’m sure we can make up ground.”

He added: “In the past, it has always come down to two teams but I don’t think that will be the case this season.

“The improvement by other teams has made it much harder to go away from home and pick up points.

“I think you saw evidence of that last season and it’s continued this year, even more so in fact. Just look at the results Stoke and Hull enjoyed against Arsenal.

“We should have buried Arsenal with the chances we had in the first half. But what we want now is for Arsenal to beat Liverpool and Chelsea.”