Fergie: We would not sell Ronaldo for £120m

Fergie insists they will not sell their 24-year-old winger, not even if the Abu Dhabi billionaire owners of the Blue made a £120million bid.

He said last night to the People: “Do you think we’d sell Ronaldo if City came calling with £120m in the summer? There’s no chance of that happening.

“The owners of this club don’t want to sell him – they want him here even more than me. Kaka is obviously one of the top players in the world but you have to say if he’s worth £100m then so are Lionel Messi and Ronaldo. And you could argue that with Ronaldo being world and European player of the year he’d be worth £120m.

“The people at Manchester City intend to bring a lot of big players to Eastlands. It’s going to cost a lot of money to do it but they are not afraid of that.

“No club with a normal running operation could contemplate getting to that level of debt but these guys aren’t even talking about debt – they have that much money to spend.”