Ferguson confident of reaching knockout phase

Ferguson said after the match: “We still have confidence we can go through – we just have to make sure we concentrate on our next match.

“We had enough possession to win, but you have to take your chances. We want to go to Celtic and win now.

“We had a team that was easily capable of winning the match without question and we controlled it most of the night.

“I don’t think we should concern ourselves with the team we played. We should concern ourselves with losing a bad goal from a corner.”

Ferguson added: “We had some really good opportunities. We have controlled the whole match and had good chances in the second half.

“I thought it was a matter of time before we scored. We were unlucky when Paul Scholes had a chance, but to be fair their keeper made a good save.

“We have really thrown it away. Maybe we were careless in our finishing but I think it was a comfortable performance up until the goal.

“Then there was some desperation in our play but it just shows you that in European football if you don’t take your chance that can happen to you.

“It is a throwaway for us, but we are still in a good position – this result just tells us you need an edge to your game in these matches.”