Ferrari could leave Genoa

Ferrari’s agent has confirmed that his client could leave Genoa in the near future.

“Matteo has a contract with Genoa for a further two years, a club that he certainly enjoys playing football with,” Ferrari’s agent, Gianni Corci, declared in an interview with TMW.

“In football, however, things can change very quickly, and although at this stage it is likely that he will remain in Genoa, in the next few hours this scenario could alter.

“Planning for the future is very difficult, however the only thing I can say for now is that we are looking around.

“The transfer market is a vortex that affects you even if you don’t want it to, which is why we must evaluate all of the varying possibilities that could take place.

“The goal is to continually advance Matteo as a player, and therefore it would not make sense to change clubs just for the sake of it. He would like to remain in Italy.”