Fletcher proud of his contribution in Man Utd title triumph

He said: “The manager has always said it will take a squad effort. He said there were going to be disappointments and I have experienced the disappointment of not playing. But you have to know it is the best for the team.

“There have been times in the later stages of the season when we have been called upon to play in makeshift back fours. A lot of injuries have been picked up and we have all played our part.

“That is the most pleasing thing. The whole squad came together and did this for Manchester United.

“Obviously, you have the individual brilliance of Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs. They have all had fantastic seasons.

“We have won the title because of them but mainly it is because of the real squad we have had.

“I feel I have produced performances I have been proud of. Although I have not been in the team as often as I would have liked, when I have come in I have not let anyone down.

“My consistency levels have been good when called upon and I have enjoyed the season. It is only enjoyable because you are winning and you are up near the top of the league.

“It is easier when you are left out and you are winning. It is a bit more disappointing when it is not going so well and you are left out.

“I always said if you have a winning club everyone is happy, even if you haven’t played as many games as you would have liked. I have enjoyed the season. We have all come together and it is great to be a Premier League winner.”