Fletcher rejected Liverpool move

Fletcher said: “When I had a few clubs after me someone said you should always sign for the best. Liverpool, Newcastle, Celtic and Rangers all wanted me and some of the London clubs were interested too.

“But I decided not even to go and train with any of them. It was bad enough leaving home but to leave to live in London? In the end I just couldn’t see past Manchester United.

“It was giving me the chance to work under the best manager you can find at one of the biggest clubs on the planet. And I certainly haven’t been disappointed with Sir Alex.

“He’s simply a world-class coach, different class when it comes to tactics and the gaffer is also great at motivation and man-management. The boss looked after me when I was younger. If I needed to go home he always made sure there was a flight available and I could go up the road to see my family.

“Sir Alex knew I sacrificed a lot when I left home and made sure I never regretted it or became too homesick in my early days.

“He’s been a father figure to me and many of the other boys. But he is an intimidating man to talk to.

“People often ask me if I have spoken to my manager and I’ll say ‘no’ – he’s not the type of person you approach and speak to.

“You have respect for the man and what he’s done.

“He still has that certain presence when he walks into the room.”