Former Man Utd star: I would love to see Rashford in a better team

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford
Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford. Photo by Shutterstock.

Former Manchester United star Bastian Schweinsteiger has revealed that he would “love to see Marcus Rashford in a better team”.

Rashford has been struggling this season and has only found the net eight times.

The 26-year-old England forward signed a massive £325,000-a-week contract extension until 2028 at the end of last season.

Schweinsteiger discussed Rashford’s situation with Gary Neville on, what some regarded as one of the best football podcasts, The Overlap

Schweinsteiger explained on the football podcast: “He’s still the player who can decide the games, but he doesn’t show it too many times because maybe inside he’s a little bit frustrated.

“First, he has to understand he can also be the example – you can handle frustration differently – but someone needs to tell him and speak with him.

“It has to come from him, that’s very important.

“Sometimes you have these coaches who tell you, stay left, stay right, but you need to understand, if you play for Pep Guardiola, you need to understand what he wants and then you have to do it.

“You cannot just go to someone and say, ‘Hey, run faster’, you need to help him, and he needs to understand why.”

He added: “I would love to see him in a better team, where he gets the balls in the right moment.

“I would love to see that because in the years past, you don’t really see that, so if he would play for a different team, maybe he would also increase his level a little bit more.”

Rashford was strongly linked with a move to Paris Saint-Germain earlier this season, but earlier this month the French side came out and insisted that they have no interest in signing the Manchester United forward.