Foster: I want to be Man Utd and England No1

Foster has not made his debut for Manchester United, despite being a United player for almost two years, and made his first appearance at Old Trafford for England this week.

The 23-year-old who is currently on loan with Premiership side Watford: “It was my first appearance at Old Trafford and doing it for England is weird, but I am delighted to do it,” he said.

“Playing for Watford week in, week out I will get a bit of practice in the Premier League and I will just look forward to doing as well as I can and if the manager picks me then great. But I am not counting my chickens.”

Foster who is set to return to Old Trafford for next season, said before making his England debut: “I’m ambitious and ultimately I want to be England’s No.1 and Manchester United’s No.1.”