Garrido points finger at United

Garrido has admitted he was stunned by the levels of hostility City received in Sunday’s derby at Old Trafford.

“I have been in England for two seasons and this was the match with more fanaticism than any other,” he told the Daily Mail. “I know other derbies but this atmosphere was incredible, with insults flying as soon as we arrived at the stadium.

“I was hit by a coin on the head when I was just walking calmly down the tunnel. I believe the target was Carlos Tevez but I was standing next to him at the time. This was seen by Manchester United staff but nobody offered any kind of reason.

“Manchester City have not provoked any of this controversy and United have created a climate of hostility against us. It’s incredible that this could take place at Old Trafford, one of the biggest stadiums in the world. I think it was a fan of Manchester United who threw the coin but I don’t know why.

“The shouts against Tevez are normal but I do not understand why anybody would throw objects. We received insults on the bench all through the match but I never would have thought that situations like this would happen in a stadium like Old Trafford. Really, it’s very sad.”