Gudjohnsen rates Rijkaard ahead of Mourinho

Gudjohnsen told the Sunday Mirror: “Winning the league in Spain and the Champions League has put Frank Rijkaard on a pedestal. He’s the best coach in the world.

“There’s not much difference between Chelsea and Barcelona.

“Rijkaard and Mourinho have similar ideas, although Frank is more relaxed and Jose shouts and gesticulates more as he is so expressive. Rijkaard is calm and sensible and doesn’t speak more than is necessary.

“Mourinho, on the other hand, is more vocal and makes himself heard all the time – but he’s a good bloke and the image there is of him in the media is not always the right one.

“I had a chat with him and we realised that the best thing for me was a change of scene.

“We parted as friends and I don’t regret signing for Barcelona, a fantastic team in a marvellous city.”