Hiddink dreaming of Champions League success

Hiddink, who has a contract with the Blues until the end of the season, believes his squad has what it takes to win the Champions League.

“As a young coach it is kind of a dream to have this cup in your hands,” Hiddink said in the Daily Express.

“When it happened once with me, it gave me such an intense and proud feeling of joy – you have achieved what you have bee dreaming of. To do it twice would be yet another dream.

“A team has the best chance of getting there if they have had frequent experience of getting close to finals, like Chelsea in recent years.

“It is a beautiful road but a very difficult road. But after something like that there is always a hunger.

“For us the Premier League is very difficult now, but as long as it’s not mathematically decided, the players have an obligation to go for it.

“But the Champions League path is very attractive. If we can overcome Juventus then you can see May coming up.”