Hull boss hits out at ref

Brown insists Probert’s decision to send off Hull ace George Boateng was wrong.

“It is a nonsense in my opinion. Lee Probert is warned by his superiors to take time in making the big decisions,” Brown told Sky Sports.

“The red card was in his card within seconds and he then has two minutes because the player is down unconscious with a head injury.

“For me it is a clash of heads between two players going for the ball and he gets the decision totally wrong. But I am biased.

“George is committed to the cause and he has been unfairly sent off, so I am pointing myself in the direction of an appeal.”

“I thought the start was poor by our recent standards, it was a poor goal to concede defensively,” he explained.

“But even at 1-0 down we had a good foothold in the game for long periods of time.

“The sending off didn’t affect us in terms of mentality and the spirit that we showed.

“We didn’t get enough quality into the penalty area and create enough chances. Simple as that.”