Huntelaar confident goals will come

The Dutch striker has not scored since joining the club from Ajax last month.

“I am very happy to be playing for Real Madrid because it is a great club, the biggest in the world,” he told the club’s official website.

“My debut was good although I was not able to score unfortunately, but I had a great chance. I have to play more and continue fighting because I know the goals will come.”

“I hope we win our seventh straight game as it will help us a lot because it will keep our confidence high,” he continued.

“We also need to continue pressuring Barcelona. They have a substantial lead on us, but we need to continue winning to not lose sight.

“We know that Racing are a great team who play with a good system. I am familiar with it and with some of their players. They now have [Nikola] Zigic, who came back from Valencia.

“I have seen some of their matches and know they did a good job against Barcelona. We’ll have to be mindful.”