I knew we would win – Inter boss Mourinho

Inter won the match 2-1 after goals by Ibrahimovic and Adriano.

Mourinho said: “This game is easy to analyse. One team had seven or eight great chances to score, only got two and the opponents didn’t create any, but still scored one because we gave it to them.

“This is one of those matches where I can sit on the bench quite comfortably. The 2-1 result may make it seem balanced, but the reality wasn’t like that.

“Until the last second we created scoring opportunities, a magnificent counter-attack that Obinna nearly scored, Ibra’s chance and a possible penalty on Adriano.

“Clearly we tried to net a third and finish off the game, but unfortunately at this moment we aren’t very lucky.

“At the same time, our opponents don’t create much, yet they always seem to score against us in one way or another.”