Inter Milan president backs Rafa

Inter Milan lost 1-0 to rivals AC Milan in the derby clash on Saturday.

“It doesn’t seem to me like we suffered against Milan’s play,” Moratti said. “The problem is that we actually didn’t play. It’s a different thing entirely and much more grave.

“I didn’t like anything. One can understand losing a derby, but this time I didn’t like the approach or the aftermath.

“We didn’t do enough to think about winning. This won’t do at all. It was an ugly game and we did nothing because we became different.”

Moratti insists that he will not decide to sack Benitez.

He said: “Yes, he is surely able to [shake up this team]. It was not easy for him to take a team that had a lot going for it and that had achieved a lot.

“The team is already in place, but it is not ten-years-old – it is only three-months in.”