Inter Milan’s Materazzi: I did nothing wrong

Materazzi told Sky Italia: “I did nothing wrong, I only told him to stop it,” said Materazzi to Sky Italia, who was furious with Delvecchio’s challenge on �keeper Julio Cesar.

“Before he was sent off, there had already been a bad challenge on Adriano and immediately after that he did the same thing with our goalkeeper.

“I like aggressive football, but when you see that the ‘keeper has the ball in his hands I think you should stop.

“When I saw what he did to Julio Cesar I went to Delvecchio and told him to stop it, but he hit me with his head. I had a cut in my mouth and it was bleeding.

“I did not fight with Coach Walter Novellino, I only explained to him what had happened.

“I sometimes cause trouble, I have always paid for my mistakes in the past, but this time I did nothing wrong.”