Kaka happy with decision

Kaka insists he never considered himself to be a Manchester City player.

“I feel great in a place where everybody loves me and I’m very happy to stay,” he told Italian TV.

“My family were great allowing me to take the decision independently. I never argued with my father, as somebody wrote. I have listened to my heart as many people advised me to do.

“At Milan there are many wonderful people like [Berlusconi] and Leonardo, who is much more than a director for me, he is a real friend.

“I have never asked for a raise in my salary and I will never do. Milan were always nice to me raising my salary whenever they felt it was fair to do it. I can only thank them for this.

“After Saturday’s game many people showed me their support, I have received drawings by kids trying to convince me to stay. It was wonderful. I remember when I left Sao Paolo some fans protested against me, here they all stand by my side instead.

“I’m currently celebrating this decision at home with a couple of friends.

“I’m a religious person and I believe the path God decides for us is not always the most logical one.

“Milan had never considered any offer for me in the past. This time it was different and I had to think about it but then I decided to stay. My team-mates were incredible. They all tried to tell me something and stay close to me in this period.

“I haven’t been a Manchester City player not even for one minute.”