Keane urges Man Utd players to maintain ‘belief’

Manchester United legend Roy Keane
Manchester United legend Roy Keane. Photo by Shutterstock.

Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane is far from optimistic over United’s chances in the FA Cup final against Manchester City on Saturday.

But Keane has urged the United players to maintain ‘belief’ that they could pull off an upset against their local rivals.

Keane has predicted that the match between City and United on Saturday will end in a 2-1 or 3-1 win to City.

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“You’re [Neville] saying you’ll be hiding behind the sofa… that’s a sad state of affairs if you feel you can’t watch Man United in a cup final,” Keane said on The Overlap, which is regarded as one of the best football podcasts around.

“Listen, there’s always that hope that they will turn up and produce some sort of performance or moments. I think they have moments.

“I look at this City team over the last few weeks and I think Spurs did well against them, Spurs had chances. I look at the Nottingham Forest game.

“I still look at this City team… are they favourites? Of course they are. But you still believe.

“You have to go down, if you have any sort of belief in United, that they can turn up at Wembley and produce a performance, produce a few moments.”

“The noises coming out of United last year, after they lost the final, they were almost patting themselves on the back for getting to the final. Cut that crap out!”, he added.

“You have to turn up and put in a performance. Don’t be going down after 14 or 15 seconds, give yourself a bit of a chance.

“It was a shocking start last year. The game was over after that and City just toyed with them. They took their eye off the ball a little bit and gave them a little encouragement.

“But you still have to have belief if you are a Manchester United player. Are City stronger and better? Yeah, of course, but you still have to believe you can turn up in a cup final.”

When pressed for his score prediction, the United legend responded: “2-1 or 3-1 to City. But I hope I’m proven wrong.”