Larsson: Man Utd boss Ferguson will not slow down

Larsson said: “In Sir Alex, United have a fantastic coach and manager. He has done it all, and when he speaks, you listen. He has such experience and a love of the game that he keeps bringing something new and exciting to the club.

“His passion is amazing and keeps him going on and on. That level of passion for football and his club will help him continue for as long as he wants, and that can only be good for United.

“I can see him carrying on for ages and improving United all the time. It has been a real honour and joy working with him.

“I will take away a lot of things from my time at United. One will be the impression of a club so well organised that nothing is left to chance. Nothing is taken for granted, and the club will help the players with absolutely anything. You are made to feel part of the most professional set-up, and the training facilities are second to none.

“I have been in a few dressing rooms in my career, but I can say that the atmosphere at United is as good as any I’ve known. There is a fantastic spirit and great banter.

“United are capable of winning anything they are competing for, because they have talent all over the park and throughout the squad. There is the right balance of youth and experience, and even young guys like Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo have been at the club for three or four years. In Wayne and Cristiano, they have the two most exciting players in world football.

“There are players with all the experience in the world, and younger guys like Carrick, Vidic and Heinze, who are great players who will only get better. You can see them growing and their potential is phenomenal.”