Lennon: I didn’t want to join Spurs

He said: “I was very homesick when I first joined Spurs. I was only just 18. I was happy at Leeds and at home and didn’t think anything was happening in the summer regarding a move.

“But Leeds were having money troubles and they told me you have to go. I didn’t have any choice in it.

“I didn’t want to go to London. I didn’t know anyone here, had no friends or family and was really struggling.

“It was my first time away from home. On a day off it was certain I would be back in Leeds. My bag would be packed the day before.

“And even sometimes after a normal training day, if I thought there was a chance I could be back in Leeds by six o’clock that night I would be straight in my car and up the M1.

“I would go home just to see my family and friends. It was the routine I missed.

“People on the outside dismiss it by saying ‘he’s being paid a lot of money and playing every week’ but it’s not that simple. I was missing home so badly.

“Little London is not far from Chapeltown in Leeds. It’s quite a rough area, made up of council estates.

“It was not the best place to grow up but it made me what I am.

“Most of my friends are from that area and come down to watch me play even now or they travel across the country if we have a game up north.”