Lille keeper hits out at Man Utd veteran Giggs

Sylva said: “Giggs is very intelligent, but I am not happy with the way he scored his goal at all. Football is a sport and it is necessary to play a clean game, to play without tricks. Giggs didn’t do this.

“If you analyse the rules, I believe that the goal should have been cancelled and that Giggs should have received a yellow card. We are still furious with the referee that night and with the players of Manchester United.

“The English claim they are the kings of fair play but that night they demonstrated they are experts in anti- sporting behaviour. The final score was totally unjust and United did not deserve the victory.”

Sylva added: “The first match was a bad example for football. Now we will see what we can do at Old Trafford.

“Last season we accepted a 0-0 there but our objective this time is to win in order to teach a lesson to Manchester United. In the Champions League it is not only the big clubs who have the right to win.

“The referee was not just that night in Lens and from the first moment of the game I knew we were going to have to play at 200 per cent to have a chance of getting past United.

“I am a calm person and have never had much controversy with referees, but the experience that night was incredible. It was impossible to sleep because I could only think of the enormous injustice of it all.

“Lille are not a violent team, but the match against Manchester United tested the nerves of even the most calm person.”