Liverpool defender Carragher: We won’t freeze in Athens

Carragher said: “When we played AC Milan in 2005, everything about the game was new to us really.

“We’d played in big games before, but that was obviously the biggest of all our careers. There’s a long build-up before the final, but it’s always useful when you’ve been through it all once before.

“If you’re not careful the occasion can just pass you by, and in the first half two years ago there was a possibility of that happening. This time nothing can take us by surprise.

“Everything we went through can only help us, and even the fact we’re playing a side we know a lot about can be an advantage to ourselves as well as Milan.

“After what happened in Istanbul, we also know if the worst comes to the worst and we go a goal down, or even 2-0 down, no-one will think the game is over. What happened in the last game is sure to be in everyone’s mind no matter what the situation.

“We know what can happen in a final, although obviously we’d prefer to get our noses in front this time. We definitely don’t want to make things as difficult for ourselves.”