Liverpool forward insists he never talked to The Sun

Babel was quoted by the English newspaper criticising Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez’s management at Anfield.

Babel also claimed he wanted to leave Liverpool in the January transfer window.

He said via the club’s official website, saying: “I was very disappointed when it came out because I never gave an interview here in England – I never gave an interview to The Sun.

“I did give an interview in Holland a month ago when I was with the national team, and I think they took some bits out of it and added some of their own opinions.

“They wrote that I’d talked about other players – and I would never talk about players like that.

“The funniest thing was them publishing that I’m not friends with Dirk Kuyt. Come on! Dirk will tell you how our relationship is.

“It has to be made clear. Who published this? The Sun – I wouldn’t talk to The Sun.

“I am very happy that the boss made it clear straight away that he had confidence in me and believed that I didn’t do the interview.

“I hope people understand. It is easy to read papers and believe it’s true, and so I was disappointed with the situation and the fact it was published on the day of a very important game.

“I have spoken to a few of my team-mates and they were clear that it was The Sun and so it was nothing.”

Babel added: “I have given a lot of interviews about my feelings and how I am but the situation is the same for every player who likes to play games and thinks he is good enough to start.

“I feel confident that I’m good enough to play a lot of games for Liverpool. I keep saying this. Hopefully I’ll get chances to show this.”