Liverpool kid Guthrie: I was a United fan

Guthrie told “I was there a couple of years but left when I was 13. Obviously I was gutted at the time.

“There were a couple of days after I left Man United when I was thinking I’d have to try harder at school! There wouldn’t have been much else for me to do because all I thought about was football. After a few days Liverpool came in for me.

“There was interest from other Premiership clubs and my local sides like Wolves and West Brom, but when you know Liverpool are interested you can’t go anywhere else.

“When I played for Man United we’d always look forward to coming to the Liverpool Academy because that was the best place to play.”

He admitted he was a United fan before he joined the Reds as a 13-year-old: “When I was really young, but as soon as I came to Liverpool I fell in love with the club. I’ve been a Liverpool fan for a good while now.”