Liverpool legend hails Reina

Hansen believes Liverpool’s season would be dead and buried if it was not for Reina.

The Kop legend told Liverpool’s club magazine: “Pepe has been invaluable again this season and should now be seen as one of Liverpool’s greatest keepers.

“He’s up there with Ray Clemence and it’s probably just as well because, if we didn’t have him, we could have been in serious trouble.

“Liverpool’s back four have struggled but if your back four is struggling with a dodgy keeper behind them, then it’s the end of the story.

“Pepe has been a tower of strength. Keepers like him are worth their weight in gold.

“He has always been a good keeper but if he had a weakness when he first came to Liverpool, it was when the ball was in the air, coming across him quickly.

“Initially, he had one or two problems with those type of crosses but his judgment is now a lot better.

“In terms of every other quality you need as a keeper, Reina is at the ]top of the tree. He is reliable and makes great saves.”