Liverpool’s Cisse wants Marseille stay

Cisse told L’Equipe: “I tell myself I could have scored many more, as I have wasted so many chances. Some players could have become mad in my position, above all when I joined the bench regularly. But I could understand all that.

“Actually it gave me a boost. I wanted to show what I am capable of.

“There has been such a stunning change in the fans’ behaviour in just one day, it is very difficult for me to understand.

“It is not my style to hate someone one day and love him the next day. So I try not to think about it.

“Anyway it has hurt my family and friends, and I will not forget. Now I have to turn the page and go on being outstanding.

“I am not at my best physically, but I am close. Too bad the season is finished.

“It won’t be a problem for me to go on at l’OM, but the decision not only relies on me.

“Liverpool has a word to say, even if I have no news.

“Joining a weaker English side? That would not be a very wise choice one year before Euro 2008. I already missed a European Championship and World Cup.”