Liverpool’s Dudek: We betrayed Rafa

Dudek wrote in his column at “Most of them (the media) printed strange, unreal stories concerning our going out for supper to the nearest restaurant, while we were in Portugal. Among others, I have read, that I wanted to beat up a policeman, was handcuffed and detained by the police. Nothing like that happened.

“On the last day of the training camp, the coach Rafael Benitez realized that we were working well and hard enough to deserve a free evening. However, he made it clear that at midnight we all had to be in our rooms.

“I have to admit that since Benitez came to the club the atmosphere in the team has improved greatly. Even though I have been with Liverpool for over five years now, frankly speaking we have never been as well-integrated as we are now, both on the pitch and outside.

“After eating supper in our own circle, traditionally the new players and later on also some volunteers had the opportunity to present their vocal abilities through karaoke!

“Such situations are always extremely funny and a few guys present a very good vocal ability. It was really great this time and together with the rest of the restaurant’s guests we were having fun till the late evening. The atmosphere was very nice.

“During our way back to the hotel, which was about a five minute walk from the restaurant, we turned out to be too loud. It is true that people whose apartments were close to ours and who had already gone to sleep did not like it. One of the guests called security, but this was because there was a burglary in one of the apartments. Anyway, it was certainly not our fault.

“I admit that we behaved inappropriately for the situation. We have betrayed our coach’s trust, because we returned to the hotel about several dozen minutes after the ‘zero hour’, as well as other hotel guests, because we disturbed their peace and night time.

“The next day we felt stupid. Our coach talked to us and punished those who deserved it the most. I was one of them.

“We have to draw a conclusion from this incident, so as to avoid such a situation in the future.”