Love sends out weather warning to Arsenal

The Brazilian ace said: “I have warned Gilberto that it is going to be bloody cold here!

“I would advise them to bring gloves, scarves, heavy jackets, woolly hats — the lot.

“Well, actually I will call them and try to trick them by saying it is pretty warm here and they don’t have to worry at all.

“Probably the main obstacle for Arsenal is the temperature. You can’t just pretend the cold is not there. The wind hits your face so hard and you can’t feel your hands, feet or ears.

“CSKA players are used to it, so it is not a problem for us. Even us Brazilians cope with it.”

He added: “Arsenal are one of the greatest teams in the world and we have a lot of respect towards them. It is a tough test but not the toughest test ever.

“Last time I watched them playing I couldn’t notice one weak point but there are no perfect teams. We still think we can get a point.”