Macheda urges Rooney to stay at Man Utd

England striker Rooney has admitted he wants to leave United, due to the club’s lack of impact in the transfer market.

Macheda admits Rooney’s exit could see him being offered a regular role, but he would prefer if the England striker stayed at the club.

“There would be more chances for me if Wayne wasn’t here but it is better to have him in the squad,” said Macheda.

“He is a good striker. The squad is stronger with him here.”

Macheda admits he was not at his best in the Champions League clash with Bursaspor alst night.

“I am young,” he said. “Every time the manager chooses me I try to get better.

“I have been working hard in training every day for the day when I become a real player.

“It is not easy to play a full 90 minutes in a game like last night’s, especially for someone as young as me.

“But I got through it and that will help. I wish I had got a goal. Hopefully next time.”