Man City star fit for Chelsea clash

Tevez has been been in Argentina after being given a compassionate leave as his partner gave birth prematurely to their daughter.

Emmanuel Adebayor will begin a four-match ban this week and Tevez is expected to go straight into the starting line-up.

“Yes, I am ready to play,” said Tevez. “It is not like I have been sitting around. I have practiced with the national team every morning and I feel good.”

Tevez insists there is no problem with manager Roberto Mancini over his extended stay in Argentina.

“Roberto Mancini knew from the beginning, but he’s under a lot of pressure as the team is not winning,” added Tevez.

“He is under pressure for me to come back but we have already discussed everything and I am calm.

“I am sure he understood and if he didn’t understand I don’t care.

“With family issues football takes a back seat.”