Man City starlet out for six weeks

The 21-year-old has suffered a fracture in his back and will not go out on loan as planned.

“The West Brom game in the Carling Cup was the last game I have played because since then I have been for a scan which revealed that I have got a fracture in my back,” he told Sky Sports.

“I’m out for six weeks at the moment and I will get re-scanned after that period which will tell me how much longer I have to sit on the sidelines for.

“I’ve had a few problems with my back and had been feeling a bit of pain before, but it wasn’t affecting my game and I could easily play on with it.

“It started to get a little unbearable after the West Brom game so I thought it was better to get it checked out.

“I’ve not done anything apart from getting treatment for two weeks now, so I can’t feel much pain at the moment, but I’m sure it will start to hurt when I resume training.”