Man Utd boss calls for winter break

Ferguson believes the English domestic season should finish in June with the FA Cup final.

“I think it’s worth looking at the German model and giving the players a month’s break from football in January and then start the second half of the season,” said Ferguson.

“I know that would mean spilling over into the summer but I see nothing wrong with that and playing fixtures beyond May.

“After all we are playing internationals in June and we could accommodate a league extension.”

Ferguson has also called for changes to the FA Cup.

“I would like the timing of the FA Cup to be preserved and to fall on the last day of the season,” he explained.

“The big day at Wembley is a natural climax and generates the glamour associated with the FA Cup.

“The FA’s idea to seed the Premier League clubs is a good one.

“With their marketing and advertising, they could project it in the right image.”