Man Utd boss claims Rafa was Liverpool’s problem

Sir Alex believes Liverpool are now paying the price for former boss Benitez’s poor judgment in the transfer market.

“I don’t know if Liverpool’s current situation is anything to do with the financial position,” said Fergie.

“In the last regime they spent a lot of money on players, far more than Manchester United did. They had a huge squad of players, so I don’t know if the financial position is anything to do with it.

“I really don’t know because I’m not there. So I can’t judge what the impact of these things is.”

“I’ve never been personal,” Fergie added. “You should examine him [Benitez] not me. I’ve always enjoyed a good relationship with Liverpool’s managers.

“Both clubs have always addressed the situation properly after games. That changed under the last regime, but it’s not a big issue for me.”